Warranty Period

Telegrapher Loudspeakers warrants your device for a period of two years after the original date of purchase against defects due to
workmanship or materials arising from normal use of the device.

The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the device. It does not cover cosmetic deterioration caused by usage, or damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect or transporting.

Any attempt to modify or take apart the device or screws will void the warranty.

If you discover a defect, notify the dealer that you purchased your speakers from during the warranty period. Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of the claim is within the warranty period. To validate your warranty, please keep your original purchase receipt together with these warranty conditions for the duration of the warranty period. Replacement products claimed under warranty are not entitled to renewed 2-year warranty coverage.

Making a warranty claim

Please contact the approved Telegrapher Loudspeakers dealer that you purchased your speakers from in your country who will manage the warranty claim process. The warranty does not cover the cost of returning the product to approved dealer or sending back to the owner.

Telegrapher Loudspeakers accept no liability for damage to products that may occur during shipping when returned for service or repair. If products are returned in non-original packaging, we reserve the right to refuse to return the products.

In order to validate your warranty, you should provide the original receipt and date of purchase. The product warranty is tied to the product not customer and is therefore transferable.



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