Active Analog Nearfield Studio Monitor

FOX is a compact analog, active two-way nearfield monitor that delivers exceptional accuracy for detailed mixing applications and surprisingly powerful low end for a speaker of its size.

Designed for audio professionals, FOX offers rich and organic analog warmth, dedicated drivers with built-in amplifiers, and a sealed enclosure for clean, precise sound with exceptional transient response. Small but mighty, FOX is an ideal monitor for critical listening and mixing in smaller studio environments, professional home studios, Dolby Atmos installations, and more.

  • Frequency Response: 45 - 20 Khz

  • f3: 76.5 Hz 

  • f6: 59.8 Hz 

  • Enclosure type: Sealed

  • Crossover type: Active, Analog

  • Peak SPL: 97.2 dB (@ 1 meter)

  • Max SPL (Momenteraly): 103.2 dBc

  • Amplifiers: 2 per speaker

  • Amplifier Type: Class D

  • Amplifier Power: 2 x 125 W

  • Amplifier THD + N: %0.001

  • Input: Balanced (Analog) XLR or Unbalanced (Analog) RCA

  • Number of drivers: 2 way
  • Woofer: 15 cm / 5.5” - Coated Paper Cone
  • Tweeter: 2.5 cm / 1” - Coated Textile Diaphragm

  • Safety: Shutdowns and LED Alerts*


  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • Dimensions: 33 x 20 x 25.7 cm  (HxWxD)
  • Carrying Box: One box per speaker
  • Power Rating Max: 350 Watts 
  • Power Rating RMS: 180 Watts
  • Min Voltage: 110-120 Volts AC +-%10
  • Max Voltage: 200-240 Volts AC +-%10
  • Voltage Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250 Volts AC, 10A Male
  • Stand By: User controllable (On 120 min / Off)

* Amplifiers automatically shut down in response to electrical failures, high-frequency signals, or overheating, signaled by a red LED. A white LED indicates normal operation, and red flashing warns of audio clipping. Continuous clipping triggers a protective shutdown.


FOX features dedicated drivers that are specially designed to accurately reproduce mid and high frequencies, ensuring detailed and coherent reproduction across the audio spectrum and enabling precise adjustments in mixing and mastering environments. Each driver features a dedicated built-in amplifier that’s been precisely calibrated to the driver's frequency range to enhance efficiency and deliver superior control over audio output.
The sealed enclosure contributes to an impressive transient response and the ability for FOX to reproduce audio signals with high fidelity and minimal phase distortion. The result is clean, accurate sound that’s particularly beneficial for critical listening and detailed audio work. The sealed enclosure also enhances FOX’s ability to deliver tight, precise bass and a balanced soundstage, essential for precise spatial imaging and depth perception in audio mixes.
FOX offers an all-analog design that provides warm, rich sound, ensuring that audio retains its natural qualities to deliver a rich, musical, and engaging listening experience.

Buy FOX for $5.100 / pair

FOX  is currently available in five beautiful colors, featuring a premium, soft-touch, silky matte finish. For additional customization options, please contact us directly.



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