Telegrapher Loudspeakers


Learn about what makes Telegrapher truly unique.

Incredible Sound, with Looks to Match

There are lots of great-sounding speakers in the world. What makes Telegrapher different? Put simply, we offer a unique combination of outstanding audio quality and beautiful aesthetic design that’s above and beyond anything else available on the market.

Pure Analog Sound

Instead of using digital crossovers, we decided to base our monitors on pure analog circuitry, ensuring a warm and neutral sound. We spent countless hours refining our analog crossover until it was perfect. We also conducted thousands of hours of research to build our own analog circuitry, ensuring ample headroom and minimal distortion. As a result, Telegrapher monitors deliver natural and realistic sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

Beautiful Aesthetics and Customization

Telegrapher speakers are available in five beautiful custom colors, with a premium silky matte finish. We can even laser etch your logo or signature on the back panel, so you can truly make your Telegrapher monitors your own.

Premium Design and Materials

Every element in our speakers has been hand-selected to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Every enclosure we create is crafted by artisans using FCS (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited birch trees sourced from the forests of Turkey’s eastern Black Sea Region. This premium, heavy wood gives our enclosures exceptional warmth and resonance while reducing vibration with durability that will last generations.

Acoustic Suspension Cabinets

Our custom-designed sealed cabinets deliver clean and tight bass response, outperforming other monitors in their class. Although ported systems can sometimes deliver higher volume, acoustic suspension systems are ideal for critical listening environments where monitoring levels are moderate. To put it simply: our precision and clarity is second to none.

Need some reference tracks to try your speakers?

Here’s our carefully curated Spotify playlist of beautifully mixed and mastered tracks that we use in the final quality control and testing phases of our speakers.

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