Meet the Telegrapher Family!

You can see all of our models here which are in production. At the moment only Gorilla is ready to be purchased, but other models are on the way, coming soon...

Please scroll the image to sides to see their relative sizes. You can also see their names below the models.

Bass driver comparison of all models:

  • FOX: 15 cm woofer
  • WOLF: 18 cm woofer
  • GORILLA: 22 cm woofer
  • GORILLA Center: 2 x 22cm woofer
  • BEAR: 32 cm woofer
  • RHINO: 32 cm woofer, 18 cm midwoofer
  • RHINO Center: 2 x 32 cm woofer, 18 cm midwoofer
  • ELEPHANT: 32 cm subwoofer

Key point of some models:

  • FOX is designed to be a surround monitor to be used in Dolby Atmos* systems.
  • WOLF is a two-way near to mid-field monitor.
  • GORILLA is a three-way mid-field monitor.
  • BEAR is a mid to far-field main monitor.
  • RHINO and RHINO Center are designed to be used as flush mounted, four-way main monitors. Their amplifiers are external.
  • ELEPHANT is designed to be a low frequency (LFE) monitor to be used in Dolby Atmos* systems. It has a digital crossover and installed by Telegrapher Loudspeakers only, by measuring the studio environment. Its amplifier is external.

For Dolby Atmos*:

  • For a small set up, we suggest using Gorillas at L, R, C  as main monitors, and using Foxes as the surround monitors.
  • For a bigger setup, we suggest using Rhinos at L, R, C as main monitors, and using Gorillas as the surround monitors.

*Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories.